Heredi-T Billing Information

Heredi-T-Billing-InformationThe office of Dr. Kelli Watkins wants to ensure that you are fully aware of the billing process and possible out-of-pocket cost for the Heredi-T Cystic Fibrosis Screen with Sequenom Labs. If you have clinical questions about the test please direct them to Dr. Watkins or her nursing staff.

Dr. Watkins office does not receive any payment or incentives from Sequenom Labs for using the Heredi-T test. This test has been recommended solely for clinical reasons as discussed with Dr. Watkins or her nurse.

The cost for the Heredi-T test is determined excluisively by Sequenom Labs. You are strongly encouraged to contact Sequenom directly prior to your test and receive a price quote based on your particular insurance policy or get a cash pay price quote.

To get a price quote:

  1. Contact Sequenom directly at 1-877-821-7266 option 2.
  2. Ask for a price quote for the Heredi-T test.
  3. Give them your insurance information and/or negotiate a cash pay/ out-of network price.
  4. Document this phone call and the price you were quoted.
  5. Significant discounts may be available to you by calling Sequenom.

Again, Dr. Watkins does not receive any reimbursement for this test and all payment arrangements should be made directly with Sequenom Labs and/or your insurance company.

The most commonly used Procedure code (CPT) is: 81220
The most commonly used diagnosis code (DX code) is: V28.89

If you still have questions please ask to speak with Scott, Dr. Watkins’ office manager.

Our office wants to help you understand the billing process and to be sure you know what your lab should cost before you have your test.