Patient Forms

We recognize that your time is valuable, and we want to make your first visit to our offices as pleasant and productive as possible. By completing your paperwork prior to your first appointment, you will spend less time in our lobby balancing a clipboard on your knee, and more time with your doctor discussing what is on your mind. For your convenience, the forms below allow you to enter your information electronically. You will need Acrobat Reader 8.0 to complete them. Here’s what to do:

For All Patients, prior to your first visit:

  1. Click on the New Patient Packet at left.
  2. Complete it according to the instructions, then click “Save a Copy.” Note the location of the file so you can attach it to an email in the next step (for most people, it will default to your “My Documents” folder.)
  3. Email the completed packet to us (instructions inside). We’ll set up your insurance information in our system, and we’ll have your packet printed for you to sign when you arrive.
    Note: Sending it to us in advance saves you time, but if you prefer, you can print your packet yourself, sign where indicated, and bring it with you.
For Patients wishing to transfer records from another doctor or practice

Note: If you wish to discuss your chart with Dr. Watkins at your first visit, we urge you to complete this step prior to scheduling your appointment, since turn around times will vary.

  1. Click on the Records Release Form at left. It will automatically download to your computer
  2. Complete it according to the instructions.
  3. Print it and sign it.
  4. Fax or mail it to the doctor’s office who currently holds your medical records. You may wish to ask if they will accept the “Records Release Form” via email. If so, you can complete the form electronically and email it to their office.